Sunday, October 2, 2022

Michelle Waterson On Angela Hill Fight: ‘I’m Excited To Get In There & Put Some Damage On Her’

Michelle Waterson is just focused on putting damage on her opponent, rather than being technical.

Waterson is currently on a two-fight losing streak and during this run she says she was too focused on a gameplan and being technical. So, when she battles Angela Hill in the main event of UFC Vegas 10, “The Karate Hottie” just wants to go out there and put damage on Hill.

“The gameplan is to win the fight, regardless of where it goes,” Waterson said at media day (h/t MMAJunkie). “But also, I’m really eager to get in there and put some damage on. I think I’ve gotten away from that just under the pressure of trying to climb the ladder and just trying to win, and forgetting about what the objective of fighting is. The purpose of it is to put the most damage on the other person. I’m excited to get in there and put some damage on her.”

For Waterson, the only goal for her is to get her hand raised regardless on how she does it.

“The ultimate goal is getting my hand raised,” Waterson said. “As far as proving something here or there, I think that I’ve been fighting for so long, and it’s funny because you can kind of get caught in this routine of fighting, and for me, it’s kind of weird how it comes full circle where it’s really exciting to just get in there and fight.

“I don’t care for it to be technical. I don’t care for it to be pretty. It probably will turn into a mess, but that’s what fights are sometimes, and so I’m looking forward to it being a hot mess.”

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