Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mike Rodriguez Moving On From Controversial Loss To Ed Herman

Mike Rodriguez has already moved past his controversial loss to Ed Herman.

At UFC Vegas 10, Rodriguez kneed Herman in the liver and dropped him. Yet, the ref thought it hit Herman in the groin and the fight was stopped to allow Herman to recover. It should’ve been a TKO win for “Slow” but Herman ended up coming back and earning a submission win.

“I would just say it happened, it was an awkward moment in our sport,” Rodriguez said to MMAFighting. “We should just accept and move right along. Don’t send Ed Herman no hate messages or anything. Please don’t. He’s a good dude. All he did was get an opportunity and capitalize on it. That was it.”

Dana White called it one of the worse reffing sequences he saw and even paid Rodriguez his show money.

Although he is moving past the fight, his management is appealing the result.

“The thing I’m more excited about is everybody saw me perform, and everybody loved my performance,” he said. “That was the one thing I really cared about. I even looked at my stats; I was like a 70 percent accuracy rate, something like that. It was ridiculous. Feels pretty good.

“If it does [get overturned], it does. Whatever. I’m just already like, I’m past it. I’m ready to fight again. I’m here with my wife, and she’s like, ‘Why are you panting around?’ I’m like, ‘I’m still in fight week mode. Leave me alone.’ I’m going to do all the medical procedures, check everything out, make sure I’m good, and get back to another camp.”

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