Friday, October 7, 2022

Al Iaquinta Blasts Dustin Poirier For Handling Conor McGregor Negotiations: ‘He’s Lost The Fight Already’

Al Iaquinta is not a fan of the way Dustin Poirier has handled contract negotiations with Conor McGregor for their potential rematch.

Before the UFC got involved, they were talking about doing a charity sparring match in Ireland with McGregor donating $500k to Poirier’s charity. However, for Iaquinta, the way Poirier agreed to everything and acted like a fan, made Iaquinta question if he even wants the fight or is just in it for the payday.

“What is that guy doing?. What is he, Conor’s fan? He’s like a fan fighting Conor. It’s so cringy. Conor’s like, I’ll fly you over, and I’ll donate my money to your charity,” Iaquinta said to ESPN. “I’d be like, bro, I’ll fly my f*****g self over and when I beat the s**t out of you, I’ll donate my own money. What is this? Kumbaya? Like what the hell. Are you kidding? He’s lost the fight already. If the fight happens, there’s not a doubt in my mind Dustin’s losing that fight.

“He’s already conceded in everything. He’s like, thank you for the flight over. We’ll fight in Ireland or wherever, and thank you, we’ll fight for charity, it’ll be great,” he added. “It’s like, dude, get out of here. This is a fight. What? Are you freakin’ kidding me? You’re gonna thank the guy? You think Conor is really gonna, this is for him, this is not for you, Dustin. Relax, bro.”

Al Iaquinta has not fought since he lost to Dan Hooker by decision at UFC 243.

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