Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Diego Sanchez Releases Statement, Went Into UFC 253 Injured

Diego Sanchez was defeated by Jake Mathews at UFC 253. Following the one-sided loss, some had been calling on the 38-year-old longtime veteran of the cage to retire. In a statement released through Instagram, however, Sanchez says he went into his UFC 253 bout injured. He had a torn labrum in his hip.

“Warriors don’t always win they do however always survive!” Sanchez began his statement. “I took a fight on the other side of the world on a months notice, fought my fourth primed 26 year old out of the last five opponents. With a torn labrum in my left hip! I positively pressed the fight with a streaking 5-1 welterweight prospect. Had a face to face with @danawhite with not one negative word only respect and love.”

Sanchez has a career 30-13 record. He is 4-6 in his last 10 fights. His fight against Clay Guida in 2009 was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame fight win in 2019. Only 6 fights have been inducted thus far.

“I might have some haters but that’s only a accurate identification of successfulness. Made it my 36 trip to the octagon. Today I will get treatment on my torn labrum  @utahstemcells@jon_anik was incorrect during fight commentary as he credited stem cell for helping me in between fights. This is my first partnership with a stem cell facility and am very excited to see how this treatment can help extend my longevity”

Sanchez’s full statement can be read below:

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