Chael Sonnen Believes Mike Tyson Will Be On PEDs For Comeback Fight

Chael Sonne thinks Mike Tyson will be using PEDs for his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

On November 28, Tyson and Jones Jr. are set to compete in a highly-anticipated exhibition boxing match. For Sonnen, he thinks Tyson is already on PEDs and will be when he steps into the ring.

“It’s very hard to come clean and in many ways, this was Tyson’s attempt to come clean,” Sonnen said. “Not only was Tyson using performance enhancers, he’s using performance enhancers right now. He will go into the Roy Jones fight on performance enhancers right now.

Jon Jones used to try to pull this one. He was using c***ine but sweared he never used PED’s then he fails multiple PED’s tests but guys the logic just isn’t there…so you’re trying to tell us that you’re willing to use a drug that could alter your state of mind and/or overdose/ kill you,” Sonnen added, comparing Tyson to UFC legend Jon Jones. “For sure would make you lose your license and could imprison you. But you weren’t willing to use something that could help you. They’re both against the rules, one is not even illegal, by law.”

There have been reports that both men will be drug tested so it is hard to say whether or not Tyson will be on PEDs as Sonne suggests.

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