Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dan Hardy To Diego Sanchez: ‘Was Calling Me Out Your Own Idea, Or Did You Get Help From That Mystical Yoga Teacher Guy’

Dan Hardy has fired back at Diego Sanchez after “The Nightmare” called him out.

Sanchez took to Twitter recently and called out several fighters for a legends fight. One of those people he called out was Dan Hardy.

“If @danhardymma wants his Combat death to be by me come on Dan just ask I’ll give you the warriors death you desire,” Sanchez wrote. “Dan if you really want it come get it my reptile eats your weak ass serpent.”

Dan Hardy, of course, has not fought since 2012 but has hinted at coming back. However, it appears if he is coming back, it will not be to fight Diego Sanchez as he blasted him for the call out.

“You’re a funny guy, @DiegoSanchezUFC… I can’t help but feel bad laughing at you though, when it’s clear that you need a serious psychological evaluation,” Hardy replied. “Was calling me out your own idea, or did you get help from that mystical yoga teacher guy that you keep in your pocket?”

Dan Hardy ended his career on a two-fight winning streak with a KO win over Duane Ludwig and a decision win over Amir Sadollah. Whether or not Hardy will actually return is uncertain but Sanchez is open to being the one to welcome him back.