Saturday, November 26, 2022

James Krause Claims He Called For Joaquin Buckley Matchup Twice

James Krause has claimed he called for the Joaquin Buckley fight twice now.

Ever since Buckley had his highlight-reel KO win, news started floating around that Krause and Buckley have a rivalry of sorts. Then, after both men picked up wins over the past month, the rivalry only got more heated and immediately people wanted to see them fight.

So, Krause took to Instagram to tell Buckley he asked the UFC for the fight and it is now up to him to accept.

“I’ve asked for the fight twice now,” Krause wrote on Instagram. “Nobody else from my team is fighting you. It’s me or move the f*ck on. If they want the fight tell them to send me a contract. If not, I’m done talking about it.”

One hurdle of making the fight, of course, would be the weight. Krause is a welterweight while Buckley is a middleweight. And, according to Buckley’s manager, that is a holdup in making the fight.

“Joaquin has his eyes set on climbing the middleweight division,” Butler wrote in a statement to MMAFighting. “From a ‘fighter’ standpoint, Joaquin is ready to stop talking and settle it on sight. James is a great fighter and a 16x UFC vet, but he is also a welterweight. That being said, fighting James does nothing to advance Joaquin in the [middleweight] division.

“This fight very well may happen at some point but the UFC has a plan and we are focused on getting through contracts, climbing the middleweight ranks and increasing his financial security along the way.”

James Krause vs. Joaquin Buckley is a fight many fans want to see and hopefully it gets booked sooner rather than later.