Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Jon Jones Pushes Back Against Lance Armstrong Comparisons

Jon Jones has been called the “Lance Armstrong of MMA” due to their career accomplishments being shrouded with controversy, but Jones believes there is no comparison at all and that USADA’s different treatment of the two proves it.

Lance Armstrong was once a figure that transcended the sport of cycling and became a household figure of inspiration as a cancer survivor who went on to beat the disease as well as the cycling competition night in and night out, setting records in his sport and becoming the greatest cyclist of all time in the process. Jon Jones has also set records in his sport, such as becoming the youngest UFC champion of all time and owning the record for most successful light heavyweight title defenses. Jones has never been stopped or outpointed in a fight and is virtually undefeated, with his only loss being a controversial disqualification. For these reasons, Jones, like Armstrong, has been called the greatest of all time in his sport by many.

However, both men have been associated with controversy, specifically as it pertains to their history with drug tests. For everything these men achieved in their respective sports, they had the same dark cloud hovering over their names that was placed there by USADA. Wednesday afternoon, Jon Jones continued to address the steroid allegations against him by articulating the key difference between himself and Mr. Armstrong.

“USADA crucifies beloved cancer survivor Lance Armstrong but allows party boy Jon Jones to fly under the radar. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Woozy face It’s funny how the allegation is credible but the vindication isn’t.”

Lance Armstrong received a lifetime ban from cycling while Jon Jones is still very much active in the UFC. Of course, the UFC’s protocol for drug test failures differs from other sports, but Jones’s statement is more applicable to the fact that USADA cleared Jones’s name of his most recent drug failures (with independent arbitration clearing it for others) while they have never done such a thing with Lance Armstrong, despite Armstrong having a much cleaner and more beloved image prior to the failings.

Jon Jones last competed against Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 in February, with Jones pulling out the narrow decision victory. He is now expected to compete in the heavyweight division for his next fight after vacating the light heavyweight championship.

What do you think of Jon Jones’s remarks about the difference between himself and Lance Armstrong?