Sunday, March 7, 2021

Kayla Harrison: Everyone Knows I’m Chasing Amanda Nunes

If Kayla Harrison has anything to say about it, she will have the honor to stand across the Octagon from Amanda Nunes before all is said and done.

Even at 30 years old, Kayla Harrison is widely considered to be the brightest prospect in WMMA. Thus far in her young, seven-fight career, the former Olympian judoka has lived up to the hype, decisively winning all seven fights, with six out of the seven coming by way of stoppage. Tonight at Invicta FC 43, Kayla Harrison will compete outside of the PFL and in the featherweight division for the first time. Harrison plans on rejoining the PFL for its 2021 season, but eventually, she wants an opportunity to dance with the GOAT.

“She’s the GOAT. I’m a beginner, but she’s who I’m chasing,” Harrison told MMA Junkie. “She knows that, I know that, everyone knows that. She’s who I aspire to be like. That’s the goal, is to be the best ever. Right now, I’m just focused on making 145, winning this fight, on to the next fight, on to the next fight, on to the next fight. But, one step at a time, that’s how that happens. I think in the future … I’m never going to say no.”

If the bout is signed someday, Kayla Harrison says that it will be nothing but love, mutual respect, and above all, competition between the two sans the bad blood.

“I would do it with respect and utmost pride in being able to fight her, and I love Amanda,” Harrison said. “I think she is awesome. I think she’s a good person. I think she’s a great fighter. I think she’s – I don’t know. I have nothing but good things to say about her, so if it happens, it’s not going to be like a nasty – it’s not going to be like a Colby-Masvidal. It’s going to be like a, ‘I love you, but we’ve got to go do business. Let’s go both make some money.’”

Amanda Nunes’s next opponent will be Megan Anderson in a bout that was originally scheduled to take place at UFC 256 in December but has been postponed until early 2021. Kayla Harrison’s featherweight/PFL debut will come against 2-1 Courtney King in the co-main event of Invicta FC 43.

Do you think we will ever see Amanda Nunes vs. Kayla Harrison?