Saturday, November 27, 2021

Mark Coleman Releases Statement After Suffering A Heart Attack

UFC Hall of Famer, Mark Coleman is reportedly recovering well after suffering a heart attack.

Coleman’s daughter posted on social media that the MMA legend was recovering well. The Hall of Famer then took to Instagram to release a lengthy statement on the situation and what exactly happened.

“I hadn’t been feeling so well for quite some time something hit pretty hard Tuesday about 7:00 pm chest locked up my arms went numb sounds pretty obvious but I didn’t want to believe. I walked around and laid down for about 6 hours it didn’t get better. I texted my daughters I didn’t want to go wasn’t fair to them. So I grabbed my keys made it to the hospital for sure there was nothing wrong but yes there was complete blockage of a major artery if I don’t go I’m probably not here today. I’m so glad I went I have so many things I want to do.

“Tomorrow they will try to break through the artery and put a stent in for the first time in a long time I am motivated I am great full and appreciate all your support it wasn’t my time it’s time to live,” Coleman wrote.

It obviously great news that Mark Coleman is okay. The legend was the inaugural UFC heavyweight champion after submitting Dan Seven at UFC 12. He ended his career 16-10 and fought the likes of Fedor Emelianenko, Randy Couture, Shogun Rua, Stephan Bonnnar, Mirko Cro Cop, and Antonia Rogerio Nogueira and countless others.

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