Max Griffin Wants To Fight ‘Legend’ Carlos Condit After TKO Win Over Ramiz Brahimaj

Max Griffin is looking to fight a big name next time out.

At UFC Vegas 13, Griffin entered the fight on a two-fight losing streak and welcomed UFC newcomer, Ramiz Brahimaj. Entering the fight, a lot of pundits thought Brahimaj would submit Griffin. However, that is far from what happened as Griffin dominated the fight on the feet. What surprised “Pain” was the fact that his opponent never went for a takedown.

“I thought he was going to shoot the entire time. We had been training so much takedown defense,” Griffin said to MMANews. “Also, not letting him shoot by where you are at. He has that outside single that he really likes and all his wins were by submission so he had to go to the ground. I didn’t let him. We were looked up a few times and I showed him I was strong as shit and threw him off me when we got close.”

In the third round, Max Griffin began packing more power on his punches and threw more volume looking for the stoppage win. Then, against the cage, Griffin threw an elbow that landed on Brahimaj’s ear and it nearly took it right off.

For Griffin, he says right when he saw it, he knew the fight was over, and says it was the grossest thing he has seen in a fight.

“When I looked back, I saw it from an inch away,” Griffin said. “I said ‘oh my god, bro.’ He was like ‘what’ and it was over. Marc Smith called it. Pretty crazy.

“It felt great,” Griffin later added about getting a stoppage win. “I started pouring it on him at the end, started getting that volume up, it was a matter of time. But, that elbow, gross man.”

Now, after the win, Max Griffin is looking to get a big name and is hoping to fight a legend in Carlos Condit.

Yet, if the former welterweight title challenger isn’t available he hopes to fight Vicente Luque as he knows it would be a war.

“It is whoever. I didn’t want to say nobody. Carlos Condit, I always wanted to fight him. He is a legend to me, I’ve followed him for years,” Griffin said. “When he was in WEC whopping all those guys I said I would love to fight him. I looked up to him, good stand-up guy, a family man, takes care of all his shit. He is a real fighter, he is tight.

“Vicente Luque, he’s badass, he’s sick,” he continued. “I want to fight the guys who are dope, I just want to fight the best guys. It is a compliment.”

For when Max Griffin wants to return, it is either in December or sometime in March as he has a baby due in February.

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