Monday, October 25, 2021

Mike Perry Responds To Domestic Abuse Allegations

Mike Perry has responded to the allegations of domestic abuse levied against him by his former spouse, Danielle Nickerson. He did so during UFC 255 media day yesterday.

“Yes, I deny the allegations that our relationship, if you want to call it that, had its ups and downs, and it’s long past due,” Perry said (via MMA Fighting). “We’ve been legally divorced, and there’s just nothing really to back what she’s saying.”

Nickerson says Perry was abusive towards her “a handful of times” including an incident earlier this year that led to her fleeing the couple’s home. The following month, she filed a protective order against him.

“It was like a movie,” Nickerson said to MMA Junkie last month. “You’re like, this isn’t my life. What is happening right now? I (thought) if I don’t leave and run out of this house, I will die.”

Perry continued to deny the allegations during UFC 255 media day yesterday. He said that he doesn’t wish anybody harm unless they “sign a death waiver.”

“I did not assault [Nickerson] that night, and I don’t believe that necessarily those allegations were made about the night that 911 took place, because the night that that took place, what happened was Danielle just went over my mother’s house, and I went over to talk to my mother to tell her to come outside and speak to me, and my mom said no, so I was like, ‘What the heck. Can we have a conversation?’ So my mom got upset with me because I was mad that she wouldn’t go tell that girl to come outside and have a conversation with me. Whatever. It’s cool.”

Perry will take on Tim Means this Saturday at the UFC Apex at UFC 255.

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