Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mike Tyson Vows To Continue Boxing, Interested In Evander Holyfield Trilogy

Mike Tyson will continue to box after his exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr., and is interested in fighting Evander Holyfield.

The 53-year-old Tyson fought for the first time since 2005 and ended up looking pretty good. Although the fight ended in a draw, many thought “Iron” should’ve won. So, Tyson says he will keep on doing these exhibition bouts.

“I say I’ll be better the next one,” Tyson said at the post-fight press conference. “I could have done everything better. Everything I was doing, I could have done it better. God willing, I’ll be better the next exhibition.”

Who he would fight is uncertain at this time. He could run it back with Jones Jr., but one name he has in mind is the Evander Holyfield trilogy. The two have a history and it would be another intriguing matchup that many would want to see.

“Maybe Evander needs to talk to me because every time my business associates talk to his business associates, it doesn’t turn out well,” Tyson revealed. “So I don’t know. If you could see what we made tonight, if these guys really care about the welfare of Evander they would have had this fight with Evander.

“Maybe we’ll do another but whoever’s he’s with who’s handling him is totally wrong.”

Regardless, Saturday night was not the last time we saw Mike Tyson box.

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