Sunday, October 24, 2021

Anthony Johnson Gives Time Estimate For Potential Romero Fight

Anthony Johnson is not as confident as Yoel Romero that they will be facing one another in their Bellator debuts.

When Anthony Johnson and Yoel Romero separated from the UFC only to later join Bellator’s light heavyweight division, it didn’t take long for fans to collectively start thinking the same thing: Johnson vs. Romero.

Even Yoel Romero spoke on the possibility of the two legends facing off, estimating that the likelihood of the fight happening in his Bellator debut was 90%. While Anthony Johnson does not disagree that he and Romero are on a collision course, he expects there to be a couple of stops along the way first.

“I do believe eventually it will happen,” Johnson told MMA Junkie. “… I think it’ll be maybe (my) second, maybe (my) third fight,” Johnson said of when he’ll face Yoel Romero. “… I was surprised when I saw what he said. The whole 90 percent thing threw me for a spin because I was like, ‘Nobody said nothing to me. I’ve seen your name more on my Instagram than on a contract.’ You know what I’m saying?”

UFC legend Glover Teixeira tried to fight the referee after Anthony Johnson  KO'd him in 13 seconds and knocked his tooth out
Anthony Johnson KO’s Glover Teixeira in 2016, Getty Images

“I don’t know what he’s been told. I don’t know what he’s trying to do. I understand promoting and hype, but I don’t know about that 90 percent thing. Honestly, I haven’t been presented anything. It is what it is.”

Anthony Johnson would go on to express his respect for Romero and wished him the best in his Bellator journey. Bellator president Scott Coker has to be aware of the demand for a Johnson/Romero fight, and with Yoel Romero being 43 years old, he may find no reason to wait before pulling the trigger on this blockbuster fight.

What do YOU think the odds are that we see a showdown between Anthony Johnson and Yoel Romero in both fighters’ Bellator debuts?

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