Dana White & UFC 256 Headliners All Want Immediate Rematch

If it was hard for you to say goodbye to yesterday’s UFC 256 main event, don’t fret, because UFC President Dana White and both participants each want to run it back.

The UFC 256 main event featured one of the best fights of the year when reigning flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo defended his title against #1 contender Brandon Moreno. Although Figueiredo was able to retain his title, the outcome of the fight was a majority draw. So even though the fight boasted nonstop action from the two flyweights, there was certainly a lack of closure in the outcome. Fortunately, there is a way to rectify that, and it is a solution that the thrilled spectators of last night’s main event will happily endorse.

“We’ve got to give these guys some time off – but you absolutely, positively do that rematch,” Dana White told reporters in the UFC 256 post-fight press conference

“That’s another fun fight for us all to look forward to in 2021.”

On the surface, the fight would have gone the way of the champion had it not been for a point deduction from referee Jason Herzog following two fouls from Figueiredo, specifically following a vicious low blow to Moreno. Dana White agrees with the one-point deduction, but he still had Figueiredo as the winner on his scorecards, and the champ agrees.

“If they want to put him in there again for me, rest assured that this time I’ll do the right camp to neutralize his game,” Figueredo said after the fight (h/t MMA Fighting). “I’m here for whatever Dana wants me to do. Dana White, I’m at your disposal. I stayed to defend a pay-per-view and had to make weight in less than 20 days again to put on this show. So, Dana, I’m at your disposal. If you want to do the rematch, go for it. [But first] I’ll go home and enjoy my son and my family a little bit, let me breathe a bit because the machine needs it.”

Figueredo had to be hospitalized less than 24 hours before he competed last night due to severe weight cut complications, and he immediately returned to the hospital after retaining his championship belt. After defending the world title in back-to-back pay per views and less than 30 days, Figueredo will certainly need some time to recharge. But his opponent is every bit as eager to run it back as him and Dana White after he’s had time to recover as well.

“Obviously after these last eight weeks of 2020, I need to rest,” Moreno said after the fight. “He has all my respect. He fought the same time as me. He took this fight on short notice. He is a champion. Normally the champion takes a long time to rest and recover his body; he does not. He took the fight. I have too much respect for him. I need to rest and spend some time with my family. But definitely in 2021 I am ready to take the rematch.”

After last night’s UFC 256 main event, how do you see the rematch going between Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno?

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