Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Daniel Cormier Makes A Pitch For Jon Jones’s First HW Opponent

Daniel Cormier has just the guy who he believes should welcome Jon Jones to the UFC heavyweight division.

If I told you last year that Daniel Cormier was lobbying for a large heavyweight wrestler to welcome Jon Jones to the division, you would naturally think he was referring to himself. But as we know, Daniel Cormier is a retired man, so he is able to freely spitball potential opponents for his rival sans the emotion. Cormier did just that on a recent installment of DC & Helwani, suggesting that Jones takes on the man who was supposed to headline the UFC on ESPN 18 event last weekend, Curtis Blaydes.

“Jones needs a heavyweight fight. I say move Blaydes to Jones. … It makes all the sense in the world,” Cormier said. “(If) Jones beats Blaydes, nobody will ever say he doesn’t belong at heavyweight. (If) Blaydes beats Jones, now he has beaten the greatest of all time – in people’s minds – going up to heavyweight. He’ll get his title shot right away.”

The fight may sound like a long shot, but it may be more plausible than one might think.

Jon Jones has expressed an interest in fighting Stipe Miocic next and/or receiving a title shot. However, Stipe Miocic is already lined up to face Francis Ngannou in his next defense. Should Miocic, in particular, emerge victorious, he has been having long layoffs between fights as of late, which could mean a very long wait time for Jones. If Jones wants to keep busy and get adjusted to his new home at heavyweight, he might decide and/or be offered a #1 contender fight. By this point, Curtis Blaydes would have already faced Derrick Lewis, and if Blaydes proves the oddsmakers right and gets the W, that would leave both Jones and Blaydes free and both with an argument at being next in line for a title shot. In this scenario, a fight between Jon Jones and Curtis Blaydes would make perfect sense.

That being said, it is indeed quite far-fetched to happen within the next few months, as Blaydes will be taking on Derrick Lewis next despite the postponement, and Jon Jones is still making preparations for the move up. In fact, even if the stars aligned for a Jones/Blaydes fight in the distant future, Blaydes has come out and said that he would not be interested in fighting Jon Jones unless he receives a pay raise for the bout. So if Blaydes is not bluffing, the only way we get to see Daniel Cormier’s vision of a Jones/Blaydes bout might be if one of the two is already champion.

What do you think about the idea of Jon Jones facing Curtis Blaydes in his heavyweight debut?