Thursday, May 19, 2022

Fabricio Werdum Explains Decision to Sign With PFL

Fabricio Werdum loves the idea of competing multiple times a year, and he signed with the promotion that is best suited for this preference: the PFL.

Fabricio Werdum has been competing in MMA for nearly two decades now. In that time, he’s reached the highest of highs, such as capturing the UFC heavyweight championship and submitting the man who was the consensus (and still considered by many) heavyweight GOAT in Fedor Emelianenko. Now, after eight years in the UFC, Werdum has decided to sign with the fourth major promotion of his career at 43 years old, the Professional Fighters League. Because even after all these years and accolades, Werdum still has an insatiable appetite for competing.

“I looked at PFL ‘cause I know the season has a lot of fights in a year,” Werdum told MMA Fighting. “I like the idea of fighting maybe four times a year. PFL give the opportunity for this. Like one fight, then six weeks later, again. Six weeks again, fight again. I like the idea. Fight very soon.”

The idea of earning a million dollars at a stage of his career where retirement can’t be too far behind certainly couldn’t hurt when Fabricio Werdum was making his decision, but it’s the leadership and format that PFL offers that swung Werdum further in their direction during his decision-making process. But make no mistake about it, Werdum still has his eye on the glory of adding more accolades to his résumé.

“Now I’m 100 percent PFL, that’s it. I don’t think about different fights. My goal now is to be champ in the PFL.”

“I don’t go to the PFL just to fight again. No, I just go there cause I want to win the tournament. I want to take down the heavyweight division. I want to beat all the guys there and be a champion. One more belt in my wall, on my home, in my collection.”

How do you think Fabricio Werdum will fare in the PFL?

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