Wednesday, September 28, 2022

George Foreman Believes Mike Tyson Could Fight For Heavyweight Title Again

George Foreman believes Mike Tyson has what it takes to fight for the heavyweight title again.

On Saturday night, Tyson returned to the ring in an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. and looked impressive, to say the least. So, following the bout, Foreman believes Tyson could still hang with the best of the best.

“If he gets in shape like he’s in now, and then gets his timing back, and all the other things fall into place, he can have an opportunity to fight for the title,” Foreman, the Hall of Famer, told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday. “If he can be managed right, a champion, the right champion, will come to him. And if the right one comes, he can knock him out.”

Not only was Foreman impressed by Tyson’s performance, but he believes “Iron” could still be a heavyweight champion. With how many belts are out there, Foreman knows the right opponent is out there for Tyson to have success against and be a heavyweight champion again.

“Tyson looked great,” Foreman said. “He really did. And Roy Jones had to use every old skill out of the book to keep himself from being knocked out. I just couldn’t believe what I saw. And that was just an exhibition. Just think if (Tyson) had some activity the last two years. He’d be in line to be the champion of the world again at 54, 55.”

Whether or not that will happen is to be seen. But, Saturday night was not the last time we saw Mike Tyson compete.

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