Thursday, May 19, 2022

Joaquin Buckley Doubles Down On James Krause & Glory MMA Gym Callouts: ‘It’s Easy Money’

Joaquin Buckley and James Krause’s rivalry is alive and well.

For the past couple of months, Buckley and Krause have gone back-and-forth and many want to see that fight next. For Buckley, he wants the fight to happen at UFC 257 at middleweight.

However, Krause is dealing with a knee injury and is a welterweight. So, if he can’t take the fight, Buckley wants to fight Julian Marquez or Zak Cummings, both of who train under and with Krause.

“It’s whatever as long as I get a fight on that card. That’s perfect,” Buckley explained to MMAFighting. “But the ideal person would be [Krause]. I want him to catch this work. He’s probably gonna blame this knee injury, he’ll say, ‘Well I don’t really fight at 185, let’s do it at 170,’ I don’t want to hear none of that noise. When you was talking heavy, you weren’t worried about all of that.

“So let’s do it at 185, and let’s do it Jan. 23. But if you want to have your boys take the work for you, I’ll do that too. So Julian Marquez can get it, Zak Cummings can get it, Jason Witt can get it. Anybody that works with you can get it, period. I want the whole Glory MMA camp. I want everybody. What did he say? It’s easy work? That would be easy work. It’s easy money.”

If James Krause is not ready physically for the Buckley fight in January then having Marquez or Cummings fight him certainly makes sense.

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