Thursday, March 4, 2021

Jon Jones & Claressa Shields Link Up At Jackson Wink MMA

Claressa Shields is still taking baby steps in her transition to MMA, but you can do worse than having one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time help show you the way.

Less than a week after news broke that Claressa Shields was transitioning to MMA by signing with the Professional Fighters League, she may very well have found a gym in Jackson Wink MMA. While there has been no word that Shields has joined the gym on a permanent basis, what can be confirmed is that the Olympic boxer has trained in the gym. For what it’s worth, you don’t just go to New Mexico unless you are serious about something, so Shields simply stepping foot on New Mexican soil is affirmation enough that she is taking the MMA transition seriously. 

One particular individual who Shields trained with just so happens to be a veteran in the sport who was helping her begin nailing down the basics. And that veteran goes by the name of Jon “Bones” Jones, who couldn’t contain his excitement and posted footage of the tutorial.

Jones would also share a photograph with Claressa Shields, heaping praise on the MMA prospect who reminded him of his younger days.

Jon Jones & Claressa Shields - 🐐 to 🐐 : WMMA

@claressashields reminded me what it was like to be 25 again, this woman could train all day. Excited about her future.”

Claressa Shields could do worse than linking up with Jackson Wink MMA on a full-time basis, as two notable names who are still actively training and competing out of the gym are former champions Holly Holm and Jon Jones. Jones, of course, voluntarily relinquished his light heavyweight championship in August to move up to heavyweight. 

Claressa Shields is expecting to debut in the PFL in 2021 in one-off fights in the lightweight division.

What are your thoughts on Jon Jones and Claressa Shields linking up and the prospect of Shields joining Jackson Wink MMA on a full-time basis?