Sunday, March 7, 2021

Jose Aldo Explains Callout Of T.J. Dillashaw, Dillashaw Responds

Jose Aldo would love to be the bantamweight to welcome T.J. Dillashaw back to the division in 2021.

T.J. Dillashaw has not competed at bantamweight since January of 2019 due to a USADA suspension, but he will be eligible to return to competition next month. Dillashaw has stated that he would love to return to action around March, which is a timeline that could work for Jose Aldo, who was just victorious at UFC Vegas 17 last night over Marlon Vera.

But regardless of when the fight happens, Jose Aldo just wants it to happen, and he made that clear in his post-fight callout of Dillashaw. Speaking to reporters after the event, Aldo would clarify why it is he called out the former bantamweight champion and let it be known that his interest in this fight is strictly of a competitive nature.

“I don’t have anything personally with T.J.,” Aldo said at the post-fight news conference. “I just want to make a great fight for the fans. I think T.J. is a great former champion. I think this fight makes sense for everybody.”

T.J. Dillashaw was either watching or got wind of Jose Aldo’s callout, as he quickly issued an indirect response via Twitter:

“I heard everyone is calling me out, cause they all know that’s my belt,” Dillashaw wrote.

Jose Aldo is currently ranked #7 in the bantamweight division, but this could soon change after defeating Marlon Vera. But rankings aside, these are two former champions who some believe are the best of all time in the divisions they ruled over: Aldo at featherweight and Dillashaw at bantamweight.

In Dillashaw’s case, he did not lose the bantamweight championship in his most recent title reign but vacated the title following the USADA suspension. Seeing as how Jose Aldo just competed for the world title one fight ago and both men are legends of the UFC, this callout is certainly not a long shot. But whatever is next for Aldo, he proved that he is not going anywhere after defeating a young and hungry Marlon Vera at UFC Vegas 17.

“Of course, I have a lot of pressure on top of my shoulders. But I’m still training hard and I still want to fight and I want to win,” Aldo said. “Last year, (I) was here in the same time in December, but I lost (to) Marlon (Moraes). I’m here this year and I won. I’m here.”

Do you believe Jose Aldo vs. T.J. Dillashaw is the fight to make upon Dillashaw’s UFC return?