Thursday, July 7, 2022

Marlon Vera: I’m “Probably The Worst Matchup” For Jose Aldo

Heading into his battle with Jose Aldo at UFC Vegas 17 this weekend, Marlon Vera believes that he may very well be the worst possible opponent for the former featherweight king.

Jose Aldo has been in the fight game for 16 years. In that time, he’s broken records and has seen just about every level of competition and every style of fighting that there is to see. A young Jose Aldo was viewed as completely unstoppable as he went nearly a decade without losing, with six of those years involving championship fights. Jose Aldo is still only 34 years old and may have much to give this great sport, but 28-year-old Marlon Vera believes that his fight with Jose Aldo this weekend will signify a changing of the guard and that it is his hunger and aggressive mindset that will prove too much for the legend.

“This is probably the worst matchup for him,” Vera told MA Fighting. “It’s just another day at the office for me. It’s a name, it’s Dec. 19, and it’s a f*ckin’ fight. When they lock the cage and after Bruce Buffer is out of the cage, I’m gonna go f*ckin’ fight my ass off. I’m willing to hurt this guy and I’m willing to take it to win. I’m not gonna shy away and, like the samurais say, I’m accepting death in order to achieve victory. I’m not f*cking around with that.

“I’m coming and I’m coming in hot. That was my post when I announced the fight. I’m coming in red f*ckin’ hot.”

Marlon Vera has won six of his last seven fights and is currently ranked #15 in the bantamweight division. A victory over Jose Aldo would not only be a huge feather in the cap of Vera from a résumé standpoint, but it also would place him firmly inside the top 10 in the rankings. So when the clock starts for this bantamweight fight at UFC Vegas 17 this weekend, Vera will fight like a man with everything to gain but nothing to lose.

“… I’m gonna push every single limit that I have on myself and I’m gonna break this guy,” Vera vowed. “I’m gonna walk through him and I’m gonna stalk him. I’m gonna do it. Just like all of my fights, I’m gonna fight like a f*ckin’ motherf*cker. I’m gonna put it on him.”

Who do you think will win this weekend between Marlon Vera and Jose Aldo at UFC Vegas 17?

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