Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Michel Pereira Wants Anthony Pettis Fight After He Claims “Showtime” Turned Him Down

Michel Pereira is hoping to fight Anthony Pettis next.

Pereira derailed the hype of Khaos Williams on Saturday night as he won by decision. However, it wasn’t the usual Pereira performance as he didn’t do any flips or unusual striking which he says was part of the gameplan.

“I tried to stay safe because I thought my opponent was going to come forward more. He was waiting too much to try and get the perfect punch. So I tried to be more technical and go with the strategy to make sure I would win and not give him a lot of space to capitalize on my errors. If I made a mistake, he would probably capitalize on it,” Pereira said after the fight.

Although it wasn’t his usual performance, Michel Pereira got the win and is now looking to fight Anthony Pettis as the Brazilian claims the former UFC champ turned him down.

“I said (I want to fight free agent) Anthony Pettis because the UFC offered me a fight with Anthony Pettis and Anthony Pettis said no. That’s the fight I want right now. I want to say to Anthony Pettis if he wants to fight, I am ready.”

If Pettis re-signs with the UFC, a scrap against Pereira has all the making to be a Fight of the Night contender.

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