Thursday, February 25, 2021

Stephen Thompson Calls Out Jorge Masvidal, Masvidal Responds

After defeating Geoff Neal in the UFC Vegas 17 main event, Stephen Thompson is now turning his attention to a rematch against Jorge Masvidal next.

In 2017, Stephen Thompson took home a unanimous decision victory over Jorge Masvidal in a competitive bout. Since then, Jorge Masvidal went on to make a huge name for himself after decapitating Darren Till followed by turning in one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history over Ben Askren. Masvidal would then cap off his incredible 2019 run by defeating Nate Diaz in the UFC 244 main event to win the “Baddest Motherfucker” championship.

Meanwhile, Stephen Thompson has been crowned the “Nicest Motherfucker” in MMA for some time now, even once being given an unofficial belt to coincide with Masvidal’s BMF title. And following Stephen Thompson’s victory over Neal in the UFC Vegas 17 main event, he believes it’s time for a champion vs. champion rematch. 

“I’m definitely working my way up,” Thompson said in his UFC Vegas 17 post-fight interview. “Give me somebody. I want to see the ‘NMF’ vs. the ‘BMF,’ baby. Let’s make that happen. Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal 2.”

“I know that he’s talking about fighting Colby Covington,” Thompson said. “We’ll see.”

Both Stephen Thompson and Jorge Masvidal have expressed interest in a rematch in the past, and Masvidal seemingly responded to Thompson’s callout via Twitter by referencing unfinished business.

As it stands, the fight makes sense on all fronts, with Masvidal and Thompson currently being ranked directly next to one another, Masvidal ranked #4 and Thompson at #5. Masvidal’s next fight has long been rumored to be against Colby Covington, but this fight has not been made official yet. So maybe we will see a Masvidal vs. Thompson 2 fight next after all to break both veterans into 2021.

Which fight would you like to see next: Stephen Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal 2 or Jorge Masvidal vs. Colby Covington?