Friday, November 26, 2021

Carlos Condit Open To Fighting Outside UFC Following Matt Brown Fight

Carlos Condit may be competing in the UFC for the last time at UFC on ABC: Holloway vs. Kattar tomorrow night.

“The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit has been competing under the Zuffa umbrella for 13 years. The memories he has made for himself and millions of fans during that time certainly endure to this day. Perhaps the final memory of Condit’s legendary Zuffa career will take place tomorrow (Jan. 16) in the co-main event of UFC on ABC: Holloway vs. Kattar. Because after all the wars Condit has been in in the WEC and UFC, tomorrow’s bout against Matt Brown will be the last fight on Condit’s UFC contract. Condit would love to remain in the company, though, and continue to test himself against the never-ending stream of new blood.

“There’s always new dudes, there’s always more talent coming up,” Condit told Cageside Press this week. “And I love to challenge myself. There’s a few guys that I’d like to fight this year.”

Last Hurray for Carlos Condit Tomorrow?

Carlos Condit : 'I'm going to get that rematch' with Tyron Woodley | FOX  Sports
Carlos Condit.

Carlos Condit is 36 now, which in itself is not an age that necessarily prompts retirement talks. However, when you’ve been at it for this long and have lost five of your last six bouts, there’s always the chance the UFC could release you. This is especially possible if Condit ends up on the losing end to Matt Brown tomorrow night. If this happens, Condit wouldn’t close the door on his fighting career and would be open to competing outside the UFC for the first time since 2006.

“Yeah, I think so. I’d consider it,” Condit said. “I love what I do, and if I can still get out there and get paid to fight people, I think I’d entertain the idea of fighting for another organization.”

Can you imagine Carlos Condit competing outside the UFC?

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