Monday, March 1, 2021

Derek Brunson: I Am A Better Striker Than Kevin Holland

Derek Brunson believes he is the superior mixed martial artist to Kevin Holland, which includes striking.

After defeating Jacare Souza at UFC 256, Kevin Holland had one name on his wish list for his next opponent: Derek Brunson. The primary reason Holland gave for wanting to fight Brunson is because of Brunson’s disgraceful striking technique. Additionally, Holland made it clear that he just doesn’t like the guy. Derek Brunson has accepted Holland’s challenge and the two will be headlining the March 20 UFC Fight Night. In this bout, Brunson believes fans will see who is the superior fighter in all aspects.

“I see myself just putting it on Holland,” Brunson told Mike Swick on the “Real Quick” podcast. “I don’t really see any one place that he’s better than me. His cardio is not better than mine, his wrestling isn’t better than mine, his striking isn’t better than mine, his BJJ isn’t better than mine.”

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Derek Brunson

Derek Brunson also finds Holland’s hostility towards him to be amusing due to the fact that Brunson claims to have shown him nothing but respect that Holland privately returned.

“He’s been calling me out for the past three fights,” Brunson said. “And it’s funny, because I was gonna fly him in to train with me for Izzy and I think at this point I was like, ‘Man, you look good out there, good job.’ He was like, ‘Oh man, it’s just a blessing. It’s such an honor to have a UFC guy talking to me,’ and then he went from that to calling me out, so I’m all about it.”

Who do you think is the better striker: Derek Brunson or Kevin Holland?