Thursday, May 19, 2022

Joanne Calderwood “Lucky” to Punch Jessica Eye On Behalf of Millions

Joanne Calderwood thinks Jessica Eye deserves to be punched repeatedly in the face and is convinced that the general public agrees with her.

After Jessica Eye missed weight for the second consecutive time ahead of her fight against Cynthia Calvillo in June, Joanne Calderwood was among those who took exception. This led to the two exchanging words on Twitter, with Calderwood being particularly critical of Eye’s alleged attempts to circumvent the system when weighing in by holding onto a curtain that was draped around her while on the scale. And Calderwood was even more off-put by Eye’s reaction to her weight miss.

“I just put something out on Twitter cause she was celebrating that she was only 0.2 [pounds] over the weight limit,” Calderwood told MMA Fighting. “I had heard an hour or so before that she was four pounds over. I’m just like I’m all for the sport. When I found out about this, I’m like wow, this is an actual thing. I just wanted to put it out there. I hate people cheating and even trying to cheat. I don’t think it’s fair. I just put out there when are we going to ban the curtain trick?”

Calderwood Feels Fortunate To Punch Lucky In The Face

Joanne Calderwood ready to embrace Scottish heartbeat in UFC homecoming |  HeraldScotland
Joanne Calderwood merry before a face-punching expedition.

It did not take long for Eye to become aware of Calderwood’s comments and escalate matters quite a bit in Calderwood’s estimation. This escalation will culminate in a fight that the Scot believes was just meant to be.

“For me, if it was the night before or the day before a fight, I’m not on social media or if I am I’m posting stuff and that’s it. But she must have seen it and she just started attacking me. She attacked my voice. I was like wow. She said she was going to come to my gym. She knows where my gym is. I’m like OK but I would rather get paid for fighting you. I’m excited that we did get matched up. I don’t know if it was because of that. We were probably destined to fight anyways cause we were nearly fighting before.”

When the two collide at UFC 257 to settle their differences, Calderwood believes she will have a nation behind her that extends far beyond the shores of Scotland.

“I’ve never fought anyone that I’ve really, really wanted to punch in the face,” Calderwood said. “I know a lot of people are messaging me I’m the lucky one that gets to do it. Cause I don’t think she has a lot of people that like her, unfortunately.

“I found out that I am lucky because a lot of people want to do it for themselves.”

How do you predict the fight between Joanne Calderwood and Jessica Eye playing out at UFC 257?

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