Monday, March 8, 2021

Kayla Harrison Discusses Becoming One of the WMMA GOATs

Kayla Harrison sees herself going down as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time if she continues doing things the right way.

Olympic judo gold medalist Kayla Harrison has already had measurable success in MMA. In addition to her building a perfect 8-0 record, she was also the winner of PFL’s 2019 women’s lightweight championship tournament. But for Harrison to realize her full potential as a mixed martial artist, she believes that a move to 145 is inevitable; and despite her aversion to weight cutting, she is prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to advance her career.

“145 [pounds] will definitely be more beneficial to the business of Kayla Harrison than 155,” Harrison said when speaking to MMA Fighting. “I wouldn’t say I’m stoked about cutting to 145. I didn’t enjoy it. But I do know that in terms of opportunity, it’s just going to be a better fit for me.”

Patience Makes Perfect

The Kayla Harrison problem
Kayla Harrison. Credit: Ryan Loco, PFL

Kayla Harrison is currently prioritizing the art of patience, a skill that not everyone possesses. Harrison intends to fulfill her contractual duties with the PFL, but by that point, the PFL may have enhanced its talent at lightweight and featherweight for the promotion to be a major player in securing her services for the long term. Whatever the future may hold for Harrison, she will continue to exercise patience in all aspects of her career.

“I’ve been pretty patient,” Harrison said. “I’ve stayed the course despite the crazy year we’ve all had. Everything happens for a reason. I think I’ve been very patient with my career. I haven’t rushed it. I haven’t stepped in after two fights and tried to fight an Amanda Nunes or a Cris Cyborg. I think I’ve developed my skill set. I think I’ve grown tremendously as a fighter and as a person.

“I think all the pieces are falling into place. Right when I’m ready, right when I’m in my prime, I’m going to be able to execute my game plan and go out and go down as one of the greatest. I see it happening. It’s pretty exciting.”

Do you predict Kayla Harrison will go down as one of the greatest women’s fighters of all time?