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Neil Magny Plans To Make Michael Chiesa Rethink Fighting Career

Neil Magny intends on making Michael Chiesa rethink his purpose in this sport by the conclusion of their bout this Wednesday.

Michael Chiesa is currently the #8-ranked welterweight in the UFC. But during his fight with Neil Magny at UFC Fight Island 8, Magny expects Chiesa to consider leaving it all behind and putting all his focus on the commentating booth.

“I beat Michael Chiesa by just putting on a relentless pace,” Magny told MMA Junkie recently. “At this point, I make it a gritty fight where he’s kind of questioning, ‘Why am I doing this? I have a great job with the UFC right now being a commentator. Why am I in there fighting these guys that are ready to make these grueling fights on my body? I’d rather just go be a commentator than do this ever again.’

“That’s the goal. Go out there and make it a gritty fight and make him question being in there.”

Magny Eyes Career Advancement During Chiesa’s Career Dilemma

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Neil Magny. Photo by Louis Grasse/PX Images/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The last time Chiesa made a drastic career move it was to the welterweight division. After a lightweight run where Chiesa came up short in some of his biggest fights, Chiesa decided to make the move up to welterweight. This has proven to be one of Chiesa’s best career decisions, as he has won three consecutive fights, including a win most recently over Rafael dos Anjos last January. If Magny’s scenario comes to pass, though, Chiesa may make an even bigger decision and change platforms, from fighter to commentator, while Magny continues making strides in the opposite direction.

“This fight is a great opportunity to move myself close to that top five and get closer to a title shot,” Magny said. “Mike Chiesa is a game opponent, he’s ranked in the top 10, he’s currently undefeated at welterweight, he beat three real good guys so far. So I feel like a win over him definitely launches me to the top five of the division and puts me closer to a title shot.”

What are your thoughts on Neil Magny’s comments about making Michael Chiesa rethink his career path?

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