Uriah Hall Against Lions After the Same Gazelle Ahead of UFC 258

Uriah Hall picked up a very significant win in his middleweight career when he defeated the legendary Anderson Silva. His new history with Silva, has him facing someone Silva lost to twice in Hall’s upcoming bout against Chris Weidman at UFC 258. With the emotional victory over the legendary Silva behind him, Hall is preparing to face another legend in Weidman, and putting the respect for their careers aside, Hall says they are all “lions chasing that gazelle,” the gazelle being the UFC middleweight title.

The path for Hall’s martial arts journey was not easy, and he went into a lot of detail when speaking with MMANews’ James Lynch about his history in mixed martial arts. Oddly enough, Weidman is a part of that history. In 2010 Hall and Weidman faced one another at Ring of Combat 31 where he lost to Matt Serra trained fighter. Hall said, “I look at it this way; every chapter in your life demands a better version of you, a tougher version of you.” Losses are lessons in martial arts and Hall definitely took lessons from that to get him where he is today.

Hall said he, “had to regain myself because the martial arts way was to never quit.” With his attitude towards martial arts and competition the way it is, it should be no surprise that while he respects Weidman, he is hungry for the title.  When making the comparison to himself and the other fighters being “lions” chasing the title that is the “gazelle”, Weidman is only in his way. 

“Right now the gazelle is owned by Izzy [Israel Adesanya],” Hall said and added,” I’m trying to get Izzy,” Hall added that he would fight him for free since the match-up intrigues him because of their striking styles. For now, he will have to settle for the fight with Weidman but a win could move him closer to the title. Regardless of who he faces, for Hall “The goal remains the same, I’m trying to be champ.”

Do you think Hall and Adesanya have a fight in the future?

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