Sunday, January 23, 2022

Alex Hernandez Talks Shared History With Thiago Moises

Alex Hernandez faces Thiago Moises on February 27 for UFC Vegas 20, and Hernandez more than welcomes the match-up.

Oddly enough, the two lightweights have been circling each other for a while. Both men fought in Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) before entering the UFC and when Hernandez spoke with MMA News, they seemed to be on a few cards together that made Hernandez start to like the idea of facing Moises.

“We’ve been kind of, side-by-side for a long time, “ Hernandez said. “I remember he was an LFA champ at the same time that I was climbing LFA. He got beat by Robert Watley who I was planning on fighting.”

Enter the UFC

Since both getting signed by the UFC, it seems they are still side-by-side. According to Hernandez, “ I think we shared the last three cards together, maybe two or three. He’s a guy I’ve seen quite a bit of.”

Seeing that much of each other and being in the same weight class makes it only a matter of time before thinking about fighting one another and Hernandez says he thought just that the last time he saw Moises.  

Hernandez recalled, “It’s funny actually, my last fight,  I was thinking, we were in the back together and I was like, ‘I’d like to tear that guy up.’”

He will get his chance at UFC Vegas 20 at the Apex in Las Vegas. While both fighters seem to have adapted well to MMA in their respective roads to the UFC, Hernandez still feels his striking is more evolved than Moises. 

While Hernandez feels anyone has a “puncher’s chance” in an MMA fight he said, “I plan on dismantling him on the feet and rocking him.”

Hernandez seems very familiar with Moises because of their shared history but that familiarity goes both ways if they took the same path to the UFC.

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