Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Alistair Overeem Shares Secret to Long Career Ahead of UFC Vegas 18

Alistair Overeem’s longevity in combat sports has not come by accident.

Alistair Overeem will be competing in his 67th MMA bout at UFC Fight Night 184 (UFC Vegas 18) in a career that spans over 20 years of fighting. That’s just in MMA. The 40-year-old martial artist added a 10-4 kickboxing record in that time while living the life of a professional fighter.

So how does someone last so long on a sport that is so taxing on the body? According to Overeem, it has a lot to do with knowing how to handle the wear and tear that combat sports can have on the body.

“I’m just really good at treating injuries,” Overeem said while speaking with ESPN. “Getting injuries treated, diet always on point, taking the time to heal up in between trainings.”

It might be the opposite of what seems to be the norm of trying to push through or train around injuries.

“(I’m) very aware of my body, very sensitive in my body too,” Overeem said. “So, I think that’s been a big attribute to being able to perform on this highest level for so long.”

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Alistair Overeem

Overeem is currently riding a two-fight win streak, but his losses as of late can be concerning, especially with the majority of total losses being by knockout.  Still, for someone that has been training as long as he has, the #5-ranked heavyweight must be doing something right. 

While fighting still brings tension in the lead-up to a bout, especially against an opponent like Volkov, Overeem says earlier in his career it was more “do or die” as opposed to how things are now with the growth of MMA. As for the upcoming bout with Volkov, Overeem plans to keep doing what he has been doing this year. Of course, he plans to win at the UFC Apex this weekend to start the year off right.

“Winning all my fights and staying injury-free, just doing what I’m doing,” Overeem said of his short-term plans. With a current record of 47-18 (1), maybe he’s got the right idea.

How do you think Overeem will do against Volkov?

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