Friday, December 3, 2021

Casey Kenney Finds Motivation In Dominick Cruz’s Hurtful Words

Casey Kenney is using Dominick Cruz’s words in the commentating booth as fuel ahead of their fight next month.

Casey Kenney made headlines last week for colorful comments about UFC women’s featherweight Megan Anderson. In an appearance on Sean O’Malley‘s podcast, Kenney discussed the extenuating circumstances that would need to happen in order for him to make a sexual overture at Anderson. Anderson understandably took great offense to those comments, and Kenney has since apologized.

Casey Kenney Takes Offense At Dominick Cruz’s Commentary

Obviously, Casey Kenney’s words about Anderson were of a much more personal and tasteless nature, but nonetheless, Kenney was also offended by the words of a co-worker: former bantamweight champion and UFC legend Dominick Cruz.

“I remember him commentating my debut, and he had a couple of words that I didn’t care for, so I think that’ll be a little bit extra motivation for this fight,” Kenney told MMA Junkie Radio.  “Listening to him commentate, I see the way he sees things, but he has a very broad mind so nothing that I’m probably gonna take into the actual fight, but maybe a little motivation for my debut, talking a little (expletive) about my wrestling.

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Dominick Cruz Image: Esther Lin

 “He mentioned a couple of things I was still green in, and I think I was just debuting in the UFC,” Casey continued. “But it’s like, man, I know exactly what I’m doing there. I got 13 pro fights. It was just a couple of quick comments about me being green against my cage wrestling, and I did get taken down in that fight so props to him, but just comments that’ll always stick with me.”

As Casey Kenney looks to make Dominick Cruz eat his words, perhaps Cruz will be Megan Anderson’s knight in shining armor by way of circumstance, as the first fighter to face Kenney since his offensive remarks.

What do you think about Casey Kenney using Dominick Cruz’s words as a commentator as motivation ahead of their fight?

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