Monday, May 23, 2022

Dan Hardy & Matt Brown Have Apparently Agreed To Fight

By all appearances, former UFC welterweight Dan Hardy is ready to make his UFC comeback against Matt Brown and is now just waiting on the green light from the UFC.

Dan Hardy has been teasing a comeback for years, and it appears that he may be closer than ever to pulling the trigger now that he has a fitting opponent for his comeback fight. After putting out his nearly annual teasers of a comeback on social media, Hardy decided to be more specific on what it will take for him to finalize his return to competition.

“If it’s going to happen, I need it to be someone worthwhile… I’m not doing all of this preparation to fight some bum. 

I need names and faces… “ Hardy posted.

UFC veteran Matt Brown would then volunteer his services as Hardy’s return opponent.

After a week and no update on if Hardy would accept Brown’s proposal, a fan inquired about the status of the potential fight. Hardy would then state that the only thing between him and a return fight against Matt Brown is now the UFC.

“I’m waiting on the call from the UFC. Ready to accept.”

UFC's Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy takes fight to US health-care authorities |  The National
Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy In Action In His Final Fight. Credit: Josh Hedges / Getty Images

Dan Hardy is known as one of the pioneers of English MMA. He made his UFC debut in 2008 and went on to have a successful four-year run in the promotion. Hardy got off to a 4-0 start in the promotion before earning his first and only welterweight title shot against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 111. This would mark the beginning of a four-fight skid for Hardy, but he was able to finish his career on a high note, with two consecutive wins over Duane Ludwig and Amir Sadollah in 2012. Hardy would then turn to a career in broadcasting as a commentator and analyst, where he continues to this day. 

Though the 38-year-old Hardy seems eager to return for at least one final bout, it’s been nine years since his last fight, so there is always the possibility that the UFC may not be interested in seeing him fight again. But Matt Brown certainly is.

Do you believe we will ever see Dan Hardy compete again in the UFC?

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