Monday, May 23, 2022

Dana White: I Believe Khabib Will Fight Again No Matter What He Tells You

Dana White remains convinced that we have not seen the last of Khabib Nurmagomedov in the Octagon no matter how many times Khabib tells the public the contrary.

Dana White is showing no signs of giving up on Khabib Nurmagomedov returning to fight again, even after Khabib stated earlier this week that Dana White and the lightweight division need to move on. In an interview with ESPN Friday, Dana White addressed Nurmagomedov’s comments by stating that the division is currently playing out as it should. He did, however, seem to concede that there will be a new world champion when all the dust settles.

“First of all, the one thing that he says is that he doesn’t want to stall and keep the title in limbo, Which he’s not any way all these guys need to fight you know,” White said. “I saw some talk yesterday that said ‘Dustin should be the champion’ well Dustin just got smoked by Khabib, Conor got smoked by Khabib, Gaethje got smoked by Khabib, I mean there is no guy you look at right now and go ‘oh this guy’ they’re going to have to fight it out. You have one through seven fight this thing out and we’ll find out who the champ is.”

Dana White Shares Theory On What Will Bring Khabib Back

Dana White’s concession that there will eventually be a new champion does not change the fact that he believes Khabib will eventually return and shoot for 30-0. He just needs one of the aforementioned seven fighters to provide the proper incentive.

“I believe, I truly believe this, he (Khabib) can say whatever he wants,” White said. “I believe that if this thing plays out, the right guy however the fight happens, he’ll fight them. I believe that. I truly believe that, and I think he knows it too.”

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Dana White still has not let go of his fantasy of a Khabib/McGregor rematch.

“He hates Conor McGregor so bad, and I believe that if Conor came out of this thing and Conor was to be the guy to win the title then he would fight Conor, I truly believe that.”

Do you believe Dana White is delusional or is he spot on about what it will take to bring Khabib back?

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