Thursday, January 27, 2022

Derrick Lewis Expects A Bloodbath Against Wrestling-Heavy Blaydes

Derrick Lewis has something to prove ahead of his UFC Vegas 19 clash with Curtis Blaydes, and he expects to do so with blood and gore.

Curtis Blaydes has gone on record in stating that he does not think Derrick Lewis is fully committed to the sport of MMA. Blaydes based this assessment on comments Lewis has made in the past in regards to his training habits. But Derrick Lewis shares the same goal as all the dedicated fighters in MMA: make money and win gold. Lewis is out to prove to the world and specifically fighters like Curtis Blaydes that a fight against him at this stage of his career will not make for an easy night at the office.

“What makes me dangerous is the power that I have my hands and my will to win. I don’t care who is my opponent, I believe I have the tools to put away any man,” Lewis said on the UFC preview for the fight. “I’m coming in, in one of the best shapes of my career, a lot quicker, more agile. This is my time now to really prove to these guys it’s not going to be easy whenever they see my name on that paper.”

Derrick Lewis’s Expectations For Fight The Complete Opposite of Blaydes’s

Curtis Blaydes has disclosed his game plan for the fight without reservation: wrestling, wrestling, and more wrestling. The Chicago native has made it perfectly clear that no one will persuade him from changing his style, especially against someone who poses the dangers that Derrick Lewis does on the feet. There’s just one potential problem with Blaydes’ plans: Derrick Lewis sees a completely opposite fight taking place, one plastered in blood.

“This fight right here is going to be very violent and very bloody. I feel I could break Curtis by the third round and that’s what’s going to happen,” Lewis said. “This is going to be a very intense battle, we both want the title shot right after this, and I believe I could get the job done.”

How do you envision the fight between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis playing out at UFC Vegas 19?

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