Thursday, January 27, 2022

Gilbert Burns Looks To Draw Inspiration From Robbie Lawler After Loss

Gilbert Burns’ quest to become UFC welterweight champion is only just beginning.

At UFC 258, Gilbert Burns had the opportunity of a lifetime and the one that he has been working towards for his entire career: a chance to become a UFC champion. With a win over Kamaru Usman yesterday, Burns would have not only fulfilled his dream but he also would have made history by becoming the first Brazilian welterweight champion in the history of the UFC.

Unfortunately for Burns, he came up short, and Usman remained undefeated in the division to illustrate that it’s not Burns’ time just yet.

Gilbert Burns Finds Inspiration In Robbie Lawler’s Rebound

Seven years ago, the legendary Robbie Lawler also had an opportunity to become welterweight champion when he faced Jonny Hendricks at UFC 171. Lawler came up short but did not let that deter him. Later that same year, Lawler got another crack at Hendricks, and this time it was his hand that was raised in victory.

Following his loss to Kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns looks to Robbie Lawler’s comeback story as both a source of inspiration and as a blueprint on how to bounce back from defeat to claiming champion status. 

“I just want to do like Robbie Lawler,” Burns said at the UFC 258 post-fight press conference. “He was the only guy, if I’m not wrong, that lost to Johny Hendricks, and then he just got right back, got a couple wins, fought again, and became a champion. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

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Robbie Lawler Wins UFC Welterweight Championship At UFC 181. Credit:

“I hope I don’t get a crazy suspension, and then get back, rest, stay with my family a little bit, and I want to fight as quick as I can. I know I can do it. It was almost done, but I cannot make those mistakes to become a champion.”

With Burns entering UFC 258 as the number-one contender and Usman having defeated so many other top contenders in the division, it may indeed take only one or two wins for Burns to get right back in the cage with Usman. And if that happens, Burns will look to learn from this experience and be the first man to bring the UFC welterweight title home to Brazil.

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