Friday, January 21, 2022

Holly Holm Gives Her Pick For Amanda Nunes vs Megan Anderson At UFC 259

Holly Holm will be paying close attention to Amanda Nunes‘ featherweight title defense against Megan Anderson.

In the co-main event of the stacked pay-per-view card, Nunes is looking to defend her featherweight title for the second time when she battles Anderson. Although Nunes has been dominant, Anderson does pose some problems with her size and striking. According to Holm, she thinks the Aussie has a chance to pull off the upset but believes Nunes gets the job done.

“I truly feel Amanda is going to win this fight, but I’m always that person that thinks everybody has a puncher’s chance,” Holm told MMA Junkie. “Amanda I don’t really believe has fought anybody quite as tall as Megan – Megan is very, very tall. She’s the tallest person I ever fought. But even for me, being my size against Megan, I still felt stronger in the clinch. I still felt things like that.”

Holly Holm believes Anderson has improved quite a bit since they fought back at UFC 225, where Holm won a decision. However, in this fight against Nunes, Holm thinks Anderson could very well land the KO shot.

“I’m excited to watch the fight. I think that, if Megan wins, I’m going to say it would be off of a – I don’t want to say a lucky punch, because when you’re training at this level I don’t think anything is lucky – but I just don’t see her dominating Amanda in any situation or beating her in a lot of these areas,” Holm added. “But I’m not saying there’s a zero chance. There’s always a chance that somebody can win – always. I don’t care who you are.”

Who do you think will win, Amanda Nunes or Megan Anderson?

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