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McGregor Opens Up On How His Mindset Entering UFC 257 Cost Him

After watching back the footage of his UFC 257 loss to Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor has now shared his musings with the world in great detail.

At UFC 257, Dustin Poirier scored the major upset when he defeated Conor McGregor via TKO. Perhaps the biggest story of the fight was Poirier’s implementation of leg kicks during the contest. After Poirier’s leg kicks rendered McGregor immobilized, the finish was academic, and Poirier was able to put McGregor away at the end of the second round.

Conor McGregor Gives Honest Assessment of UFC 257 Performance

More than one week removed from the event, Conor McGregor has fully digested what transpired at UFC 257 and has issued a detailed account of his thoughts on Instagram in a post that shared highlights from the fight. McGregor provided an update on his legs, disclosing that they are already pain-free after using a spray as a remedy. He would then move on to summarize his thoughts on the fight, taking a mostly positive-minded attitude about the experience while admitting that he set himself up for failure by having a one-track mind entering the fight.

“I am extremely happy I did not need to use the stool between rounds here anyway,” McGregor wrote. “Another first for me! I am most certainly on the right path. Despite the loss I am on the correct path of evolution. Thoughts on the bout: I enjoyed racking up some more time inside the famed UFC Octagon. 40 seconds in 3 years is all I’d had up to this bout. I was savouring every second and enjoying my work.

Dustin Poirier defeats Conor McGregor by knockout at UFC 257 - Los Angeles  Times
Dustin Poirier Lands on Conor McGregor At UFC 257. Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

“A little single disciplined in my approach and stance with mostly boxing. It’s what I get for picking this bout and opponent as a precursor to a boxing match against Pacman. I deserved to get the legs kicked off me going in with this thinking. This is not the game to play around with.”

A Trilogy Designed By Fate?

Conor McGregor’s assessment of his overall performance was that his strikes remained sharp and he felt to be in control for most of the fight. He would then beam with excitement at the thought of a trilogy fight that he believes to be ordained by fate.

“Hats off! A well fought fight by The Diamond,” the post continued. “1 a piece now with a Trilogy bout for all the marbles! Wow! Exciting! Not a trilogy I was expecting, nor the tactical affair I was anticipating, but I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t meant to be. This is exactly how this was always meant to be! Buzzing!!”

Dustin Poirier has said that the UFC has not yet reached out to him about what is next for him, but Poirier has expressed interest in a world title fight in addition to a fight against Nate Diaz and, of course, a possible trilogy fight against Conor McGregor.

What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor’s self-assessment of his UFC 257 performance?

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