Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tony Ferguson & Justin Gaethje Have Heated Social Media Exchange

Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje are still exchanging blows nine months after their bout was stopped at UFC 249.

For the first time in his MMA career, Tony Ferguson is on a two-fight losing streak. This has not gone unnoticed by anybody who has followed Ferguson’s Hall of Fame UFC career, including his remarkable run of 12 consecutive wins from 2013-2020. But even before Tony Ferguson lost his second straight fight in a bout against Charles Oliveira at UFC 256, Khabib Nurmagomedov predicted that Ferguson was “finished” and would never be the same again.

In a recent interview, the man who handed Tony Ferguson the first of the two losses, Justin Gaethje, went a step further than Khabib in stating that Ferguson was never really an elite fighter to begin with. Gaethje argued that Ferguson’s success was brought about more by what his opponents didn’t do than what Ferguson excelled at. Ferguson obviously came across Gaethje’s comments and fired back with fury.

“I’ll Give You Elite, Fuck You @Justin_Gaethje &CharlesDoBronxs You Didn’t Finish Shit. Told You I’d See You Soon. Crew. Much Easier To See The Targets When They Are In Front. Beyond Disciplined. New Camp, New Times -Champ- -CSO,” Ferguson wrote.

Justin Gaethje would then issue a harsh reminder to Tony Ferguson in response to the above tweet:

“Charles couldn’t finish you but I certainly did. Check the tape champ.”

Justin Gaethje was the first person to finish Tony Ferguson inside the UFC and the first to do so via TKO in Ferguson’s entire career. Ferguson has been a model of resilience inside the Octagon throughout his career, though, so if there’s anybody who can bounce back from a losing streak and prove doubters wrong with style points, it would be “El Cucuy.”

What are your thoughts on this exchange between Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson?

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