Sunday, January 23, 2022

Tyron Woodley To Corner Ben Askren Against Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley will corner Ben Askren in his boxing match against Jake Paul.

On April 17, Askren is set to come out of retirement to box a YouTuber in Paul. It’s a fight many fans are looking forward to given Askren is not known for a boxer, and Paul has looked impressive in his boxing tenure. However, Woodley believes Askren can have a lot of success in the fight.

“Ben has very dumpy power, that’s the best way I can explain it,” Woodley told The Schmo. “When he punches, it’s not like the super-fast [Floyd] Mayweather type stuff, but when he hits you it’s like damn that kinda f*ckin’ hurt a little bit. So in my mind, I think that he clings to guys well, we haven’t really seen him take a lot of punches. Robbie [Lawler] hit him a couple times.”

Tyron Woodley also believe Askren will use the clinch to land some shots and have success in close. The former welterweight champ also thinks the longer the fight goes the better as it will ruin Paul’s confidence while Askren has very good cardio.

Not only does Woodley think Askren will win, but he says he plans to corner him and help him train after he competes at UFC 260.

“I’m gonna help him out, I’m gonna corner him,” Woodley said. “I’ll try to see how I can merge it in with my training camp but Ben just told me come after my fight, that’s only a week. If you can come earlier, come earlier. That’s how Ben is. Yeah, I’ll be there.”

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