Thursday, January 27, 2022

Amanda Nunes Content If UFC Nixes The Women’s Featherweight Division

Amanda Nunes is content with the idea of the UFC eliminating the women’s featherweight division, as long as the belt stays with her indefinitely.

At UFC 259, “The Lioness” will defend her featherweight title against the long and dangerous, Megan Anderson. Despite criticisms of the featherweight division being shallow, Anderson will look to make history as a massive underdog on virtually every betting website. At this point for Amanda Nunes, she is just continuing to add to her legacy and further herself from the rest of the division. Since the double champion has been dominant for so long, she seems totally content with letting go of one of her divisions.

“I feel like after this fight, the UFC should think about what they want to do with the division, because I have the belt, the belt is going to be mine forever,” Amanda Nunes told BT Sport. “This division has to retire with the belt being mine.

Amanda Nunes then went on to add,

“So whatever they want to do after this fight, they can do with the division. I’m okay with it.”

Clearly, at this stage, the champion is content with whatever the UFC has planned. However, if she does defend the title against Anderson, there aren’t exactly contenders, but UFC has started to add to the women’s featherweight roster, like Danyelle Wolf recently. So perhaps, that could breathe more life into the division, but from the sounds of it, neither party seems too keen on keeping the featherweight division around.

Another option to consider, is the possibility of Anderson pulling off the upset, although that would likely trigger an automatic rematch, it adds to the chance of the featherweight division staying open.

UFC 259 is almost here! Let us know your prediction between champion, Amanda Nunes vs. Megan Anderson!

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