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Ben Askren Recruits Boxing Legend Freddie Roach To Train For Jake Paul

Boxing legend Freddie Roach is a busy man, and his next mixed martial arts fighter to train is Ben Askren in preparation for his big fight with Jake Paul.

In what many believed was a joke at first, a media company by the name of Triller announced that a boxing match is in the works between Youtube star Jake Paul versus the seasoned MMA veteran Ben Askren. The fight came as a surprise considering Askren is mostly known for his wrestling credentials and grappling capabilities. In the brief time he spent in the UFC, the former Olympian wrestler hardly traded shots on the feet with opponents in his fights. However, the vast experience Ben Askren has spent in the combat world will definitely assist him on such a big stage.

Freddie Roach Gets Funky With Ben Askren

Now with the help of the legendary Freddie Roach at his Wild Card Gym, perhaps Askren’s hands will undergo vast improvements. Even though the fight was laughed at initially because it was mostly interpreted as a money grab, Ben Askren assures his fans that he is taking the boxing opportunity seriously. In addition, the former Olympian is taking every step he can to improve his boxing.

“I’m trying to be as good of a boxer as I can,” Askren told MMA Junkie Radio. “I’m not under the impression that I’m gonna be a pro boxer. I’ve been top 10 in the world in four different sports. I know what it’s like to be world class. I’m not gonna be a world-class boxer, but I don’t gotta be a world-class boxer. I just gotta beat up Jake freaking Paul. That ain’t gonna be that hard, guys.”

Overall, it would appear that Ben Askren shares a realistic view of his upcoming battle with Paul. While admitting he won’t be a world-class boxer against the YouTube star on April 17, the wrestler acknowledges that he doesn’t have to be, all he has to do is outwit Paul in an exhibition boxing match, which he admits won’t be too difficult.

As the Triller bout with Ben Askren and Jake Paul approaches, who do you think will get their hand raised in the highly anticipated boxing match? Let us know below!

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