Saturday, May 21, 2022

Dan Hardy Moves On From Matt Brown By Calling Out Nick Diaz

After Matt Brown has moved forward with another fight, Dan Hardy is now hoping that Nick Diaz will be down for a scrap in the near future.

Dan Hardy has been teasing a return to competition for several years now, but his recent social media movements have looked the most promising to yield results. He was able to secure a willing opponent in Matt Brown where there was mutual interest in fighting, and Hardy claimed he was just waiting for the UFC to make the official offer. The UFC would instead offer Brown Dhiego Lima, and Brown has accepted that fight for June.

Dan Hardy Calls Out Nick Diaz For Dual Comeback Fight

Morning Report: Dana White reveals UFC has spoken with Nick Diaz about a  possible comeback fight - MMA Fighting
Nick Diaz. Credit: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This now leaves Dan Hardy without an opponent for his potential return fight, but he hopes that another legend who has been teasing a return after a long layoff will be willing to meet in the Octagon.

“So now @IamTheImmortal is matched, I suppose I’ll jump to the next name on my list. Where’s Nicholas Diaz at? Any rules, any promotion, any arena. Back to fighting for respect again… My happy place,” Hardy wrote.

As long ago as it’s been since Nick Diaz has last fought, a little over six years, it has been even longer for Hardy, who is approaching a nine-year layoff. Diaz is 37, and Hardy turns 39 in May.

Hardy called for a London fight against Brown, but in the case of Diaz, he seems even more eager to make the fight happen and is willing to take the fight anywhere. But judging by how talks quickly stalled before they truly took off between Hardy and Brown and how Dana White does not seem enthused about the idea of Nick Diaz fighting again, it may take these two veterans to really lobby hard together to make this fight if it is going to happen.

Would you be interested in seeing Dan Hardy vs. Nick Diaz in 2021?

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