Thursday, January 27, 2022

Dan Hardy Relieved From UFC Commentator Duties After Dispute

Dan Hardy is no longer working with the UFC as a commentator after a reported incident occurred between himself and another employee.

As originally reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dan Hardy has been fired by the UFC and BT Sport following the alleged argument with the employee. After the story was run by MMA news outlet, Dan Hardy took issue with the way the story was presented.

“Rather misleading headline there, @bjpenndotcom. Not entirely accurate either. I am no longer working directly with the UFC. The ‘female’ part is irrelevant. It was a disagreement over an opportunity missed, or withheld, and I’d love some answers but can’t get any,” Hardy wrote.

Hardy would then turn his attention to the original source of the article, Dave Meltzer.

“I would love to know @davemeltzerWON ‘s source. It seems particularly well crafted, and timed for impact. Further evidence of games being played. I appreciate you all, and the support I’m receiving. MMA is my life, and nothing will change that. I’ll put out a statement soon.”

The timing of this parting of ways between Dan Hardy and the UFC is curious, given how hard Hardy has been pushing for a comeback fight as of late. Hardy has called for fights against Matt Brown and Nick Diaz among others, but there has yet to be any traction other than Brown accepting a fight against another opponent. 

Dan Hardy does still remain under contract as a UFC fighter, but he will need to be medically cleared to compete again. This remains a major complication due to Hardy being diagnosed with the heart ailment, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. This ailment can be corrected with surgery, but Hardy has yet to go through with the procedure.

Stay tuned here on for updates on this story, including Dan Hardy’s pending statement on the situation.

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