Friday, January 21, 2022

Dana White Speaks On Tate’s Return vs. Odds Of Rousey Comeback

Dana White doesn’t think anyone should hold their breath for a Ronda Rousey return just because her rival Miesha Tate has decided to fight again.

Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey share many things in common: age, era, mutual dislike, and the label of “former UFC women’s bantamweight champion” to name a few. But one thing that they do not share is the same desire to strap up the gloves and fight again according to Dana White.

It was revealed this week that Miesha Tate will be making her return to competition after over four years to face fellow veteran Marion Reneau this July. White doesn’t know what exactly prompted Tate to return now, but he did have plenty to say about the former champ’s nose.

“I honestly don’t know what her reason is, but when she left, women are kind of different when they retire,” White told reporters at the UFC 260 pre-fight press conference. “She went out and started a family, and I told her … and I haven’t talked to her face-to-face about this, but I told her after the last fight, she got her nose fixed, and I told her not to fix her nose. When you’re done fighting, I’ll fix your nose. We’ll get your nose taken care of, you go to the best guy in LA and get your nose done.

Miesha Tate Gets Face Rearranged And Belt Taken By Amanda Nunes at UFC 200  - YouTube
Amanda Nunes Re-Arranging Miesha Tate’s Nose At UFC 200.

“She did it, and then she fought Amanda Nunes. And you’ll see in that fight, Amanda punches her right in the nose, and you saw her fold. I saw it happen right there, the night of the fight. So she went and had a family. She’s had five years now. I guarantee her nose is a lot better. It will be interesting to see how she does. I think she’s going to do well.”

White must not be privy to Tate’s recent explanation that detailed why she is making the choice to return: because of the competitive fire that remains inside of her and because she would love to eventually face the aforementioned Amanda Nunes in a rematch.

Another one of Amana Nunes’s victims, Ronda Rousey, has also been retired for some time now. Dana White is convinced that, unlike Tate, Rousey doesn’t want to get in the cage with Nunes again or anyone else for that matter based on a conversation they had the day prior.

“Don’t even f*cking start, you guys,” White said of a Rousey comeback. “Yesterday (we talked) about lots of different things, not this. Absolutely, positively not coming back, ever.”

Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate both last competed in 2016. Rousey went on to achieve success in the WWE before stepping aside to focus on her family life and has since been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, a place where Tate will likely find herself eventually as well, regardless of how successful or unsuccessful this final run will be.

Would you be interested in seeing Ronda Rousey fight again?

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