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Dana White Willing To Bet $1 Million On Askren, Jake Paul Counteroffers

Dana White is so confident former UFC fighter Ben Askren will win his upcoming boxing bout with Jake Paul that he offered to bet one million dollars on his guy to win.

Jake Paul is a rapper and popular Youtube personality on the internet. While news circulated of Triller hosting a big pay-per-view event featuring Paul and Askren, when it became official the combat sports world went crazy. Despite Askren not being known for his slick hands, Paul will face off against a combat sports veteran who won championships in Bellator MMA and ONE Championship.

Understandably, Dana White gets why Paul is going to such lengths to promote the fight but believes it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

“He talks a lot of sh*t,” Dana White said on the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast. “We’re going to find out. I hope you can bet on this thing because I’ll f*cking bet a million dollars that he loses this f*cking fight. A million dollars that he loses this fight.”

In response to Dana White’s bet of $1 million if Askren beats Paul, the Youtube star responded on social media, asking the UFC president if he’d up the ante to $2 million instead.

“Dana, let’s double the bet up! $2 Million. We wire the money into escrow. $4 million total. Winner takes all. My team will be in touch to make a contract. After I knockout Ben, we can set up Jake Paul Vs. Dana White 2021 since you consider yourself a “Boxer” and me a “YouTuber,” Paul wrote.

Dana White Doesn’t Consider Paul To Be A Real Boxer

Even though Askren is retired from mixed martial arts, the former Olympian always told the media that he would only come back if it made sense and if the fight was big. Certainly, the type of money offered by Triller must have been enticing enough for “Funky” to come out of retirement. Although, despite winning two of his first boxing matches, Dana White disputes the fact that Paul is a legitimate boxer when comparing the two athletes.

“Let’s be honest: Jake Paul is not a f*cking boxer – this guy’s a f*cking YouTube kid,” Dana White said. “Let me tell you about this kid: So the kid he’s going to fight is a wrestler, a real good wrestler, a decorated wrestler, but he’s actually fought real guys. He’s been a world champion in other organizations.”

Overall, White acknowledges the credentials of Askren and believes that Paul is in over his head. After Paul accepted White’s bet of 1 million dollars and countered with 2 million, the UFC president has yet to respond. But since we all know White to be a gambling man, why wouldn’t he take the bet?

If you were Dana White would you take Jake Paul’s counter offer of 2 million dollars assuming Paul outwits Askren in a boxing match? Let us know below your thoughts!

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