Sunday, January 23, 2022

Daniel Cormier Is Convinced Jon Jones Won’t KO Anyone At Heavyweight

Daniel Cormier does not believe that Jon Jones will be knocking anyone out at heavyweight, though he remembers Jones’s KO of him at UFC 214 vividly. 

The first time Daniel Cormier was knocked out in an MMA fight took place at UFC 214 against Jon Jones. The official result of this fight was overturned to a no-contest after Jon Jones failed a drug test in connection to the bout, but Cormier has not forgotten what transpired that night in Anaheim, California. Every time he competed from that day forward, he carried the experience with him into the Octagon.

“When you get knocked out like that, it never leaves the memory,” Cormier said on DC & Helwani. “You don’t forget that. I will never forget the night that I got knocked out by [Jon] Jones. You constantly are reminded of that when you step back in there. The good memories last, but the bad memories haunt you.”

Daniel Cormier Doesn’t Think Jon Jones Can Get KOs At Heavyweight

Despite the haunting memories of that fateful night of July 29, 2017, Cormier does not believe Jon Jones will have any knockouts at all in the heavyweight division. 

“Jon Jones will not knock out anybody [at heavyweight],” Cormier said. “He doesn’t hit hard enough. If he couldn’t knock these dues out at 205, he’s not knocking these heavyweights out.”

Cormier himself has competed at heavyweight, but Jones’s KO of him occurred in the light heavyweight division. It is unclear whether Cormier is dismissing Jones’s KO of him when discussing Jones’s KO prowess at heavyweight, but Jones does, in fact, have KOs at light heavyweight (10 total).

Based on the glaring disparity between Cormier’s comments and the facts, it’s safe to assume that Cormier is solely referencing punching power. Jones recently released a first glimpse of how he will throw at heavyweight, so you can be the judge for yourself if he has what it takes to punch somebody out in the land of the giants.

What do make of Daniel Cormier’s prediction that Jon Jones will not be able to knock out anyone at heavyweight?

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