Saturday, January 22, 2022

Derrick Lewis Interjects In Jones/Ngannou Negotiations, Jones Responds

Derrick Lewis wants the UFC to know that they can save themselves some money if they will chose him over Jon Jones as the first challenger to Francis Ngannou, even if it will still put millions into his own bank account.

Jon Jones has been involved in a very public dispute over negotiations for a potential heavyweight clash against reigning champion Francis Ngannou. Most of the publicizing has come from Jones’s side. On the UFC’s part, all that’s been put out is Dana White strongly implying that Jones does not really want to fight Ngannou if he is making it all about money. As for Jones, he has been extremely active on Twitter making his case for why he deserves to have more money for the superfight.

On Wednesday, Jones stated that $8-million $10 million would be too low for a fight the magnitude of himself vs. Francis Ngannou in what would be his heavyweight debut in a quest to dethrone the baddest man on the planet. The Black Beast, on the contrary, saw the $8 million figure and immediately began salivating.

“I’ll do it for 8 million sheiiiittt,” Lewis stated.

When a fan told Jones of Lewis’s declaration, Jones was unsurprised by the news.

“I’m sure he would, let him. Derek (sic) also doesn’t have 15 world championships on his resume. Their last fight was one of the most boring heavyweight fights in recent history. Completely different situation.”

We are still in the infancy stages of the negotiations, but it looks like Jones will be the public’s primary source of information about how things are going. He also disclosed today that he is still waiting for the first official offer from the UFC. Stay tuned, as you can expect up-to-the-minute news on this developing story right here on

If you were the UFC, would you pay Jones well over $10 million or would you decide to do business with “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis instead?

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