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Diego Sanchez Looks To Drag Donald Cerrone Into Retirement With Him

If Diego Sanchez is going into the pit of retirement, he plans on dragging Donald Cerrone down with him.

On May 8, Diego Sanchez will be competing in his final UFC fight when he takes on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Sanchez and Cerrone have a lot of history with one another, beginning with their time as former training partners at Jackson Wink MMA. Once Cerrone exited the gym, Sanchez had some strong words for Cerrone, calling Cowboy a bad teammate and passionately volunteering to fight him if his upcoming opponent at the time could not make it.

No short notice will be needed for these two UFC mainstays. Sanchez and Cerrone have both had ample time to prepare for this fight and still have over a month remaining until they square off. When the fight does happen, Sanchez expects to show Cerrone the UFC exit in grand fashion as he bids farewell himself.

“I’m going to move in there so smooth. We’ll make this sh*t look easy,” Sanchez said on the “Real Quick with Mike Swick” podcast.  ‘Cowboy,’ he might be planning on finishing out those five fights he signed when he signed the Conor McGregor deal, but as I’m ready for retirement, ‘Cowboy’s ass better get ready for retirement too. He don’t know, but this is probably going to be his retirement fight, too.”

Diego Sanchez Expects To Cancel Cerrone’s Highlight Script

Donald Cerrone has a different vision of how this fight will play out. He believes that this fight would have been a challenge a decade ago, but now views Sanchez as extra material for his highlight reel. Naturally, “The Nightmare” believes that Cerrone is in for a rude wake-up call come May 8.

“With ‘Cowboy’ talking all this mess that I’m not the legend, and I’m just going to be another highlight on his highlight reel, yeah, it added extra motivation for me to be like, ‘All right, you want to take me lightly, take me lightly,’ because I’m the wrong guy to do that (with),” Sanchz said. “This is the wrong time to do this in my career because honestly, I’m feeling better than I ever have. It’s been three hard, long years working with Joshua Fabia on revamping my whole entire style, to learn how to defend myself and to strike properly.

It's 'kill or be killed' for Sanchez ahead of his UFC 239 bout | The  Toronto Observer
The Ever Intense Diego Sanchez. Image Credit:

“So I’m super excited for this ‘Cowboy’ fight, and I’m motivated as hell. I want to go out there and kick his ass. I want to take it to him, I want to bring the fight to him. When you’re training for your retirement fight, you just take sh*t more seriously because you know this is going be your last time that you make the walk.”

What is your prediction for the May 8 grudge match between Donald Cerrone and Diego Sanchez?

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